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Marching against Injustice: Students’ Letter to the Authorities

14 January 2010: In response to the doubling of local transportation costs in Kalay, Sagaing Division, by the authorities, hundreds of university students this week marched in a symbolic protest against the arbitrary measures. The following is the unofficial translation by Chinland Guardian of a collective letter written by the students and submitted to the military authorities in Kalay. Editor

[Unofficial Translation]


Regional Superintendent
Amy Command Headquarters
Kalay Myo, Sagaing Division

Date: 12 January 2010

Subject: Request for help regarding transportation matters

The Government of the Union of Myanmar has established the Kalay University, Government Technological University (Kalay) and Computer University (Kalay) in Kalay Myo so that students living in parts of Sagaing Division and Chin State can enjoy lower costs of education.

In the 2010-201 academic year, over 4000 students are studying at Kalay University; over 1000 in the Technological University (Kalay); and about 1000 in the Computer University (Kalay).

The majority of these students are not able to utilize transportation arrangements made for them by the concerned authorities.

In this regard, the students now have to spend a daily cost of 400 Kyats going to and from the universities. This has caused many problems for students from poor family backgrounds.

Due to the inadequate number of transportation vehicles made available for the students, the students are forced to use the regular public transportation, which sometimes require them to sit on the roof of the vehicle. This can lead to unnecessary problems.

We therefore respectfully submit that the following points of request be appropriately addressed:

1.    To reduce the daily transportation cost to 200 Kyats, at the previous rate

2.    To service adequate numbers of vehicles proportionate to the number of the students

3.    To make systematic arrangements so that the vehicles are serviced on schedule from terminal to terminal

4.    Not to allow passengers other than the students, as well as, the transportation of such goods as charcoals and firewood on vehicles running to and from the Computer University

Copies to:

Rector, Kalay University, Kalay Myo
Principal, Government Technological University, Kalay Myo
Principal, Computer University, Kalay Myo
District Peace and Development Council, Kalay District, Kalay Myo
Township Peace and Development Council, Kalay Myo
Office of the Road Transportation Department, Kalay Myo

[email protected]

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