April 18, 2021
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Chins in Kalay-Kabaw Region to Strengthen Unity

28 January 2012: Chin people living in the Kalay-Kabaw Valley of Sagaing Division agreed at their recent public consultation meeting to work together in a bid to strengthen communication and unity.

Leaders and representatives of Chin communities, churches and organizations from different parts of the Kalay-Kabaw Valley attended the meeting, and founded an umbrella organization named Chin Funtomnak Bu (CFB) for Chin unity late last month.

One of the Chin pastors, who participated in the event, told Chinland Guardian: “Mostly, each village and town in the region has got their own community group but this time we all came together to make our relationship and unity broader and stronger.”

The newly formed organization is aimed at making more efforts to create a platform where Chin individuals, churches and communities can know each other better and engage in improving understanding and relationship among the Chin living in the Kalay-Kabaw region.

“This is only an initial stage and the committee is looking to increase its members by inviting Chin communities in other parts of Sagaing Division in the near future. We hope the organization will work effectively for the benefits and betterment of the people,” added the pastor.

Headquartered in Kalaymyo, CFB will also focus on community development, promoting literature, social and cultural values, and taking responsibilities in times of Chin-related events.

The public meeting took place at Salem Baptist Church in Tahan with about 110 participants from over 25 villages in the Kalay-Kabaw Valley on 29 December 2011.

It is estimated that there are between two to three hundred thousand Chins in Sagaing region spreading all over 28 townships.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang

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