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Karen New Year Celebrated in UK

08 January 2011: Karen people residing across the United Kingdom today came together in Sheffield city, celebrating their New Year.

The event, organised by the Karen Community Association UK (KCA-UK), features a variety of cultural performances including Karen Done Dance, Bamboo Dance, and traditional songs.

“Today is a very important day for our Karen people. It signifies our Karen people’s identity, brings unity, joy and love for each other. In Burma, we can not celebrate our national days freely. I hope one day, we can all enjoy our new year in our homeland without fear. Let us celebrate our new year with new hope and new spirit to bring about change in our homeland,” said Saw Eh Htee Kaw, Joint Secretary of the Karen Community Association UK.

Another special session during the celebration included presenting an award titled ‘Youth of the Year 2010’ to two young remarkable persons, Naw Blut Htoo Win and Naw Blut Say Win, in recognition and honour of their hard work and contributions towards the development of the Karen people.

A series of New Year celebrations is said to have been organised by the Karen communities across the globe in their residing countries.

Currently, there are about 500 Karen people residing in the UK. Most of them came as refugees after fleeing from brutal attacks by Burma’s military authorities in their native places.

The Karen Community Association UK (KCA-UK), committed to assisting the Karen people facing problems as new arrivals to the UK, aims to protect and promote the Karen culture, literature and language, and unity among the Karen people in the UK.

KCA-UK is also actively involved in Burma’s issues including raising awareness about the situations in Burma and fund to help refugees and IDPs (Internally Displaced Peoples) and campaigning for action by the international communities.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]

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