April 12, 2021
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Gangs Attacked Refugees in Foiled Robbery Attempts in Malaysia

06 October 2010 – Chinland Guardian: A Chin refugee family was last Thursday threatened with knife in attempted robbery in their apartment by one of the Indian-Malaysian gang members around 10pm at night in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Chin family were saved from being robbed of their properties and possible attacks after some youths of Hriphi Fellowship on their way to visit the family caught the gangster red-handed in Jalan Ipoh, Kualam Ari of Kuala Lumpur.

“Soon after, many believed to be members of the gang appeared from nowhere to the scene by cars and motorbikes, immediately starting to beat the youths to save their friend. We [the Hriphi youths] backed off and ran into the fellowship centre. The gang members couldn’t hurt us as we locked our door. They destroyed all our window glasses and disappeared,” said Mr. Tha Peng, one of the Hriphi youths.

It is claimed that a suspected Chinese friend made a call and informed other gang members of the incident.

Our attempts to stop the gang members failed as many more were coming out, continued Mr. Tha Peng, adding: “Later, the CID police arrived and took myself and Van Uk Nawl, who was badly injured, to Kuala Lumpur General Hospital where he was x-rayed twice.”

CRC (Chin Regufee Comittee) made an immediate report on the incident to the UNHCR Protection Unit in Malaysia.

In the meantime, another incident was reported where a Chinese man known to be a drug-addict is roaming around in the area with knife, threatening refugee children not to go out but to stay at school.

In Malaysia, a series of robery and extortions has been reported among Chin refugees, including children who were demanded any valuable belongings such as money and mobile phones.

“This is not the first time some incidents like this happened. Many individuals have been attacked by the motorbike-riding gang members with knife while many others have suffered from various forms of threats, intimidations and extortions while on their way home from work. Some have been slapped, punched and also badly hit with wooden sticks for no reasons,” said one of the Chin community leaders in Malaysia.

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