April 12, 2021
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Ethnic Mons Remember Revolution Day

26 August 2010: About 300 ethnic Mon people yesterday gathered in a village near the Thai-Burma border, marking the 63rd anniversary of Mon Revolution Day.

Mi Aie Son, Chairperson of Mon Youth Progressive Organization (MYPO), told Chinland Guardian: “This is a special day on which we, Mon people, pay respects to our leaders in the past as well as present who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for democracy, self-determination, and rights of the Mon people. We observe this ceremony inside and outside Burma.”

In the auspicious memorable ceremony, a total of 21 volleys was fired in the air in gun salute to show determination and commitment to successfully working on the 21-point agreement made by the Mon people, according to Mi Aie Son.

The statement released yesterday by MYPO said the people should take cautious steps at this time of period in dealing with the current political situation which has got into an important twist of Burma’s politics, adding: “Mon political parties are still working hard alongside other ethnic political parties in efforts to have a tripartite dialogue as a mean to solving the political crisis in our country.”

We do not think the upcoming 2010 General Election would be beneficial to the Mon people because it is wholly based on the constitution that the military regime drafted only to secure their power, the statement stressed.

The Mon Youth Progressive Organization (MYPO) called on all Mon political parties and Mon people across the globe to protest in unity against 2010 Election, and to build stronger collaboration with other anti-election organisations abroad.


Van Biak Thang
[email protected]

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