April 11, 2021
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Bigger Scale of Crackdown On Illegal Immigrants Warned In Malaysia

22 August 2010 – KUALA LUMPUR : Immigration Department of Malaysia is planning a bigger scale of crackdown on illegal immigrants after the Aidilfitri holiday on 10th and 11th of September 2010.

Immigration Director General, Datuk Abdul Rahman Othman said: “The department at the moment is conducting a smaller scale of crackdown but will boost it up into a bigger scale after Aidilfitri, a major celebration in the country.”

“When I say big scales, it means big operations involving other relevant agencies such as the police and local councils.”

Now, we are conducting operations on a smaller scale and we have made several arrest, he added.

“The big scale operations against illegal immigrants will target the service, manufacturing, construction and agriculture sectors while the plantation sector will be spared as the government has given an extension due to high demand for foreign labors,” he recently told a local English daily newspaper.

By Thomas chong

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