April 13, 2021
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Christian Cross Dismantled In Southern Chin State

14 August 2010: The military regime has destroyed yet another Christian cross in Chin State in a continuing policy of religious persecution against Chin Christians.

On 24 July 2010, the MPDC (Mindat Peace and Development Council) in Southern Chin State issued an order to the local Christian villagers, destroying the Christian cross planted on the hill top of Khyauk-yaw village, Mkui Circus.

The order came soon after a meeting led by Head of Mindat District Religious Affairs and Hill Regions Buddhist Missionary monk (Abbot of East Mindat), with Chairman and Secretary of Mindat District, Chairman of Mindat Township, District Law Officer, Township Law Officer, Township Judge, Township Chief of Police and Officer of Township Religious Affairs.

A Chin pastor, whose name remains anonymous, said: “The authority threatened and intimidated the Christians who built the cross. They ordered to destroy the cross by 24 July 2010 and the authority destroyed it.”

With an official acknowledgement and permission from the authorities, the Christian cross was erected on 7 April 2008 in the middle of a local “Prayer Garden.” It is situated on the mountain top between Pyung and Bawng villages, more than 24 miles away on Mindat-Matupi motor road.

The Christian cross, built with bricks and cements contributed and donated by the local villagers, is 24ft long, 3ft wide and 1ft thick.

“The purposes of the Christian Cross and Prayer Garden were solely for religious activities including prayer services for peace, healing, harmony and seeking spiritual food,” added the Chin pastor.

News of the destruction has spread around the surrounding towns and villages, making the Chin Christians saddened and dismayed as their spiritual sanctuary was destroyed.

Until today, the authorities have not made any explanation as to the eradication of the Christian cross.

Written by Jeremy Hoipang
[email protected]

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