April 13, 2021
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Refugees Brace for More Raids as Malaysia Resumes Crackdown

31 Aug 2010 – PUTRAJAYA: The Malaysian government has revived a nationwide crackdown on illegal foreign workers which has been put on hold for the last few months despite earlier indications of plans to regularize undocumented migrants in the country.

The sudden decision announced by the Ministry of Home Affairs on 29 July put refugees and migrant workers in shock as they are expected to face more raids from Immigration Department and Rela.

Deputy Home Minister, Datuk Abu Seman Yusop in a press conference said, the immigration detention centers are capable of coping with the increasing numbers of detainees during the crackdown.

He said the Immigration Department has started enhancing its enforcement activities beginning with a raid in Subang  Township near Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday in which 66 illegal workers were caught.

“During an operation at a furniture factory there, the company was found to have hired eight foreign workers who have overstayed.

“They also engaged 10 foreign workers holding work permits for the plantation sector, not manufacturing sector. And there were 48 foreign workers without any documents at all,” he said.

Abu Seman also said the department has conducted 7,166 operations last year and 3,687 operations until June 30 this year.

Meanwhile, the Labor department came out with a statement saying 440,000 foreign workers in Malaysia are not protected by insurance, which expose them to various difficulties if they are involve in work place accidents.

Employers are obliged to buy insurance for their foreign workers under Malaysia Law.

Thomas Chong

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