April 12, 2021
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Junta to form new civic wing

5 June 2010: An internal memo being circulated within the top circles of Union Solidarity Development Association (USDA) in Naypyidaw has indicated the possible formation of a new pro-junta front.

People Economic Development Association (PEDA) has been suggested as the possible name for the new civic wing, according to a source close to USDA. Further details regarding the specific role of the new organization are immediately not available.

However, Chinland Guardian has learned that the main purpose of the new organization will be to take on the National League for Democracy (NLD) in social and development activities.

The victor of Burma’s last democratic elections was dissolved as a political entity in May after it refused to register for the new elections slated for later this year. The NLD has since vowed to take on a new role focusing on social and development works.

Chinland Guardian

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