April 13, 2021
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Hollywood Concluded Successful Chin Food Aid Concert In USA

1 February 2010 – Hollywood, FL (Chinland Guardian): The last of a series of Chin Food Aid Concert in the US was last Friday successfully concluded in Hollywood, Florida where hundreds supported the historic humanitarian event.

In the concluding performance for the Chin Food Aid concert in USA, Sung Tin Par, a unique artist and one of the top performers from Burma was joined by well-known artists Lashio Thein Aung, Htut Aelin, Kabia Bwe Moo, and Mee Mee Khae.

“I’m honored and very proud to be here tonight to take part in helping our Chin brothers and sisters back in Chin State who are in need of help,” said Mee Mee Khea, a Karen performer who attended the Grammy Awards ceremony along with other three Artists from Burma.

Lashio Thein Aung, also known as Jimmy Nathan, for the second time joined the performance in Hollywood. “I want to send a message to our Chin brothers and sisters in Chinland that you are not alone, we will always be there and remember you all the times in our prayer. I’m very happy that I have a chance to perform at this humanitarian event, and I’ll continue to do what I can to help you”, said a 62-year-old performer.

In his short speech, Salai Elaisa Vahnie, coordinator of Chin Food Aid Concert in USA, said he is gratefully thankful to each of the performers who have sacrificed their time, energy and used their talents and professionalism to alleviate the sufferings of our Chin people in Chinland, especially to Sung Tin Par who have performed in three continents for the victims of food crisis. He also thanked each one of the supporters who have come to the event to take part in a life-saving mission.

Sung Tin Par was recently awarded the “Humanitarian Goodwill Ambassador for the Chins” by the Global Campaign Against Starvation in Chin State in USA.

When asked why it was needed to organize these events, the Co-ordinator said: “It is very simple. When a dreadful famine-like situation hit our Chin people in Chinland, which has been badly affecting about 100,000 people, we all were fearful and helpless. This is a meaningful response to that call, a compelling call upon us to act. And this is something we can do. We must do what we can. There is no question about extending our helping hand to our own brothers and sisters back home, which is our own responsibilities. We never doubted that this is what God wants us to do. Thus we do this with a clear understanding of the need, conviction, passion and commitment.”

He continued to answer the questions of whether the campaign is successful by saying: “Of course, the campaign is very successful. Our measurement is based not only on monetary terms, but also on the awareness and the foundation that it has laid for the international lobby in view of a longer-term perspective. Perhaps, one of the most important achievements of this campaign is that as we have always emphasized the need for inclusiveness and joint effort, we have evidently proved today that we, the Chin people despite being diverse groups, can come together and work together to achieve our common goals.

When asked if the campaign is over, he remarked: “As we have always said, this is just the beginning. The concert, which is just one part of a broader and larger campaign [the Global Campaign Against Starvation in Chin State], will be over for now. However, we will continue to do what we can and continue to seek both the Burmese and the international community’s help. We clearly understand the need to change the way the Chin people in Chinland make their livelihood, which is no longer compatible with the 21st century way of living anywhere in the world.  We therefore will continue to work for the alternative livelihood of our Chin people in Chinland.”

The Chin Food Aid Concert in Hollywood, FL was organised and held in partnership with the United Nationals Organization of Burma (USA) and Zomi Innkuan, Florida.


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