April 11, 2021
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EFC President Visits UK

09 November, 2009: President of Evangelical Free Church of Myanmar, Rev. Jeremiah Sang Dun, is making a 6-week visit to the UK for the first time, attending evangelical conferences and meeting with churches and Christian institutions.

As one of the invited key speakers at the conferences, Rev. Jeremiah Sang Dun gave speeches and presentations on the current situation and challenges faced by Christians in Burma, and highlighted the ongoing bamboo-and-rat-related food crisis in Burma’s Chin State.

“This is actually an eye-opening trip in terms of my work and experiences. It also gives me an insightful and outreaching challenge after seeing those remarkable places related to my work. Most importantly, it makes me realise and appreciate more deeply the unique values of the Chin people to whom God is so kind and caring,” said Myanmar’s EFC President and Director of Free Gospel Outreach Bible College.

“There are many things to learn from this trip but at the same time, it convinces me of the importance and urgency of work needed to be done for our people.”

The teacher-turned-pastor, 47, preached at a number of churches based in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England. In London, he also held meetings with Barnabas Fund and CSW (Christian Solidarity Worldwide) where the Chin pastor led a morning devotional service.

On a special Sunday called Suffering Church Sunday, Rev. Jeremiah Sang Dun yesterday gave another presentation on Christians in Burma at a combined service organised and attended by different denominations based in Stoke-on-Trent.

The Evangelical Free Church of Myanmar (EFC), founded in 1954 by the late Rev. Dr. Lalthanliana, has currently got more than 14,000 members with a total of 61 pastors, 127 field workers, 240 local churches and 115 church buildings in Myanmar.

The EFC, an active member of Myanmar Council of Churches and an affiliated member of ATEM (Association for Theological Education in Myanmar), has a bible college ‘Free Gospel Outreach Bible College’ in Rangoon, with a total of 61 full-time and 103 part-time students.

The two conferences were organised by FIEC (The fellowship of Independent evangelical Churches of the UK) and EFCC (Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches) with a total attendance of more than 800 people.

The third EFC President, Rev. Jeremiah Sang Dun, of Ralpel village, Chin State, is at present living in the former capital Rangoon with his wife, Tin Thai, and his children, Ngun Sui Lian, 23, Tha Lian Sang, 22, Moore Sang, 18, and Lalrinmawii, 16.

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