April 13, 2021
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Children Face Difficulties In School Admission

04 October 2009: Chin children, mainly from the orphanages and childcare centres, have been asked many unusual questions regarding their backgrounds and personal details to be admitted to State-sponsored schools in Rangoon, sources claimed.

This has been reportedly seen as an intended move against students with Christian and ethnic backgrounds following the closures of orphanages, childcare centres, home-based worship places and Bible colleges in Rangoon by the military authorities earlier this year.

“After the closure of churches and childcare homes, the government scrutinises Chin students when they are admitted to schools and they have been questioned a lot about their identities, birth places, permanent living places, their guardians and the relationship with them so the Chin students face lots of humiliation and problems in attending schools,” said a Chin teacher from Rangoon, requesting a special prayer for the children.

The pastors and owners of the childcare centres are in trouble to admit the students to schools and have to do guest registrations to the local authorities on a regular basis, added the teacher, whose name is not revealed for security reasons.

According to reports earlier this year by Christian Solidarity Worldwide and Mizzima news, about 100 churches have been ordered to stop holding worship services, affecting as many as 80 per cent of churches in the former capital city and about 50 pastors forced to sign documents promising to cease church services.

Military-ruled Burma is categorised as a ‘Country of Particular Concern’ by the US State Department, for its violations of religious freedom.

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