April 12, 2021
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Chin Singers To Raise Fund In Europe for Famine-hit Victims

Van Biak Thang (06 July, 2009) Famous Chin singers from Burma, Sung Tin Par, Dawt Hlei Hniang, Cung Lian Thawng and Solomon Menrihai are to team up at a series of ‘Chin Famine Live Aid Concerts’ In Denmark, Norway and Germany to raise awareness and fund for Chin victims of ongoing food crisis in Burma’s Chin State.

The concerts organized and hosted by Chin communities in Europe will take place during their youth seminars on 11 July in Denmark, on 26 July in Norway and on 1 August in Germany.

“We are privileged that we have a chance to meet and tell our Chin fellows in Europe about the ongoing food crisis facing our brothers and sisters in Chin State. We would like to lend a helping hand with what we can do and at the same time invite all the Chin people in Europe and across the globe to come together to combat this severe famine-like situation,” say a group of the Chin singers.

Locally known as mautam, the escalating food scarcity, which started in late 2006, has forced the Chin people to flee into the Indian-Burma border in search of food, breaking the communities and families apart.

According to reports, at least 200 Chin villages along the Burma, India and Bangladesh border with approximately 100,000 people are directly affected by the ongoing famine.

One Chin teenage girl in Denmark told Chinland Guardian that this kind of event brings them together and once again reminds them of the Chin people in the jungle, who are right now suffering from food shortages and that this is one of the ways we can altogether send our voice of love and care to our brothers and sisters in Chin State.  

A series of ‘Chin Famine Live Aid Concerts’ was last year organized in various countries including Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, and Australia in February this year. In February 2009, Chin Community in UK also raised awareness and fund by holding a combined event of ‘Chin National Day’ and ‘Chin Famine Live Aid Concert’ in London.  

It is estimated that there are about 880 Chins in Denmark, over 1000 in Norway and about 150 in Germany.


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