April 13, 2021
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House fire kills six in Hakha

An aftermath scene of Hrang Cung’s house destroyed by fire in Hakha (Photo: The Hakha Times)

2 February 2021 – A fire broke out reportedly from an electric rice cooker in Dawrthar Ward (Dillo), Hakha around 6am this morning, completely destroying two houses and burning six young people dead.

The blaze started from a downstairs kitchen of Hrang Cung’s house while family members were still sleeping, and it immediately spread into one of the neighbouring houses.

Hrang Cung said in the Hakha Times: “Normally, I wake up around 3am and start cooking but this morning, we all were deep asleep. Our dog kept barking and it awoke me. When I opened my eyes, I was choking on the smoke.”

“I started shouting ‘get up, get up’ and my wife managed to get up quickly. I pushed the window open and threw two of my children out of the windows. And then, we merely managed to escape,” added Hrang Cung.

Hrang Cung said that his five children – four daughters and one son, and my nephew were burnt in the fire.

According to the Information and Public Relations Department in Hakha, the six family members killed were Samuel, 19, Par Tha Hlei, 17, Ngun Sui Par, 14, Amon Bawi Chit Htoo, 11, Ngun Tha Len, 7, and Ruth Van Ni Hnem, 2.

The bodies were taken to the Hakha General Hospital for a postmortem before the funeral services.#

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