April 13, 2021
Chin News

Chin students call for Chin National Day to be public holiday

26 April 2016 – The Chin University Students’ Fellowship renewed the call for making Chin National Day, 20th of February, an official holiday in Chin State.

A statement released yesterday by the group urged the new government to implement one of the provisions in the peace deals that include an agreement to designate the Chin historic day as a public holiday.

The previous authorities had not materialized the decision although they had relaxed some restrictions on organizing the event over the past few years.

Only three weeks after the installation of the new government, the students reiterated the demand as they attended their annual 18th meeting in Hakha from 22 to 25 April.

In addition, they called on the government to allow local dialects to be used for making public notices such as posters and billboards in Chin State.

More than 600 Chin students from universities and colleges across the country came together under the motto “We are one in Chin” in Hakha, the capital still recovering from the aftermath of heavy landslides last year.

The meeting decided that the next conference for Chin university students will be held in Matupi. #

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