April 14, 2021
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Chin church in Malaysia demolished for road construction

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 March 2016 – A Chin church at Dengkil, Selangor in Malaysia was demolished last month to give way for road construction.

The wooden church with cement flooring was built five years ago on a piece of private land as a place to worship for around 40 people, almost all of them from Tonzang township, Chin State of Burma.

Ram Fang Zaua, the preacher, said that the church building, which was also used as a school, was demolished in the end of February after the land-owner sold it to the government for road construction.

“Besides the church, 13 houses were also demolished in a very short time. We were given five days to move everything, and we had no choice because it was not our land.”

“We managed to survive all the electrical appliances from the church but we have lost our place to pray and worship,” he said.

After their houses were demolished, the Chin Christians have since moved into makeshift shelter in another piece of land nearby.

According to Ram Fang Zaua, the demolished church was built with combination of cement and wood through contribution from Malaysian and Chin Christians.

“We bought the material and assembled all our members to build the church,” he said.

The preacher, who is also a carpenter from Tonzang, is planning to build a new church, not just as a place to worship but as a school as well.

“Many of our members work in a furniture workshop, the land-owner of the workshop has allowed us to build a church on his land.

“This time, we plan to build a simpler wooden church. We will need around RM1,000 (US$245) to buy plywood and zinc roofs,” he said. #

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