April 14, 2021
Chin News

Interfaith prayer held in Yesagyo

29 September 2015 — Leaders of different religions based in Yesagyo, Magwe Region, came together early this month, praying for peace and religious freedom.

30 members from four religions of Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism participated in the one-hour morning service.

Chin Christian Pastor Zun Hlei Sum said: “It was the first time an interfaith praying programme was organized in the area. It was a blessing that the service went peacefully.”

In recent years, the Chin pastor had faced restrictions imposed by Yesagyo local authorities on construction of a ‘religious building’ in his compound and threats made against his family.

He said that they had also prayed the construction continue without any restrictive measures.

Sum indicated that they had hoped they would be able to hold the service again in the future.

The Yesagyo interfaith service took place on 8 September, with 12 Buddhists, 10 Christians, seven Muslims and one Hindu.#

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