April 11, 2021

Burmese actor helps Chin victims carry rice

27 August 2015 — Landslide-affected victims in Chin State were taken by surprise when Wai Lu Kyaw, a Burmese movie star, carried rice on his back for them.

The actor, who founded the Wai Lu Kyaw Foundation, yesterday walked on foot with a bag of rice (about 50kg) towards Zokhua village, about 20 miles away from Hakha.

Salai Thang, a Hakha resident, said: “Quite a lot of people have come and gone. But he is different from them. He stays with the victims and shares their burden. Whatever and whoever he is, he sets an example for all of us.”

His foundation donated 100 bags of rice, gallons of oil and bags of salt for Chin victims, whose villages have been cut off from communication by major landslides that had destroyed roads and bridges.

A member of the Myanmar Red Cross Society, Kyaw is known for his active involvement in humanitarian and relief work.

He had also visited other parts of the country, affected by recent flooding.#

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