April 20, 2021
Chin News

New school in Falam Township short of teachers

02 July 2015 — A new high school branch, opened last Tuesday in Tio village, Falam Township, Chin State is in serious need of teachers.

There are only 11 teachers, five assistants and three school staff for more than 600 students in the village, which borders India.

A Tio resident, who told the Chinland Today on condition of anonimity, said that there were not enough teachers for students and that new buildings were needed but the authorities had not done anything yet.

Students from nearby villages including Vutbuak and Kawilam in Tedim Township, and Lianhna, Cawhte, Ticirh and Hmuhluah in Falam Township also go to the Tio school.

Tio, with about 400 houses now, had started its own community-based teaching without any school building in 1993 before it was granted a government-run primary school in 1998.#

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