April 20, 2021
Chin News

State govt building contractor fined for falling behind schedule

08 May 2015 — The Aroma Rose Company has been fined 100,000 kyats (about $100) per day since 1 April as it could not finish construction of the Chin State government building as agreed.

A senior State government staff member told the Chinland Post that action had been taken according to the initial agreement included in the tender application form.

The company was supposed to complete the construction in March this year, according to the agreement.

Ko Ye Win Swe, a Burmese engineer at the Aroma Rose, told the newspaper that the reason behind the delay was the climate in Hakha.

He said: “Most of our workers are from a hot region of Rangoon and Nay Pyi Taw. As they could not stand the cold here, they left the job. Therefore, we had to spend much time recruiting new workers. That was the main reason.”

Nang Za Mung, State minister of Finance and Revenue, said that the government had informed the company had to complete the work in May.#

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