April 13, 2021
Chin News

Man arrested for beating 4-yr-old Rezua girl to death

24 April 2015 — A 40-year-old man identified as Kaw Ling has been taken into police custody for killing a girl, aged four, in Rezua, Chin State.

The Rezua police said that action would be taken against the murderer in accordance with the law.

Ling, who is known to be mentally challenged and an ex-prisoner, beat the family in an unprovoked attack on Wednesday, killing the girl and injuring three others.

The three injured are the girl’s mother, Sung Nah, her elder sister and grandmother.

Pastor Thang Bawi Lian said in the Hakha Post that the girl had died on the spot, adding: “Her young sister was seriously injured and is being taken to the Hakha General Hospital.”

The Chin pastor also said that Ling had killed a guest staying at his family’s house in 2010 and had been imprisoned.

“Now, he did it again although he was released from prison following the investigation that said he was normal,” the pastor added.#

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