April 14, 2021
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Chin Media Network to focus on monitoring elections

02 April 2015 — The upcoming meeting of the Chin Media Network will discuss how to get prepared for the 2015 general election in Chin State, according to the organizing committee.

Jacob Thang, a CMN executive committee member, said that the discussion would mainly focus on ways in which the election, scheduled for October or November this year, could be effectively monitored.

“We will try to find out how to strengthen communication and cooperation between Chin media agencies in ensuring a free and fair election,” said Thang in a Chin World Media interview.

The fifth Chin Media Network conference will be held in Mindat town from 10 to 12 April, as agreed during the fourth event held in Kalay of Sagaing Region last year.

They will also discuss other issues including defining an organization structure, appointing full-time staff members and renting an office.

It is expected that the event will be attended by journalists, reporters and leading members of about 20 Chin media agencies from both inside and outside the state.

Formed as the Chin Journalists’ Network in 2011 in an effort to assist Chin media in improving their coverage and skills, the Chin Media Network agrees to hold a meeting for committee members every six months.#

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