April 14, 2021
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Chin, Burmese singers wow Chin National Day audience

22 February 2015 — A group of Chin and Burmese singers wowed audiences with their performance at the celebrations of Chin National Day in Hakha on Friday and Saturday.

Well-known singers including Si Thu Lwin, Chaw Su Khin, Thun Kham, Zam Nu, Van Dawt Cin aka Moe Moe, and Nicolas Dawt Kam Sang performed together with a Burmese music band led by Okkar Oo Thar, of the Lazy Club.

Mai Dawtte, a resident in Hakha who went to the event, said: “It was a great gig. We all enjoyed it. I like all the singers. I felt they could sing better in live performances than in TV or music album.”

But Pi Tin expressed her disappointment, saying: “Their voices are very good but most of the songs are in Burmese. It didn’t make much sense for people like me who do not understand Burmese very well.”

She said that it was Chin National Day and that the event had to be more Chin.

At night, Chin tribal groups from different parts of the State presented traditional dances and performances.

President Thein Sein, together with Union ministers and State government officials, also attended the first night entertainment.#

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