April 14, 2021
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Ten-year-old Chin refugee boy slashed in New Delhi

19 June 2014 – Local Indian teenagers viciously attacked a ten year-old Chin refugee boy, slashing his abdomen while he was playing with friends near his home in New Delhi on 6 June 2014. The attack was unprovoked.

The victim told the Chin Human Right Organization (CHRO), “I was playing with my friends near our house around 6:00 pm. Three local teenagers appeared out of the blue; one of them grabbed me tightly around the neck and slashed my abdomen with blades. The other two boys did not attack me, but were with this person. I started bleeding a lot and cried out in pain. The three teenagers ran away. I have never seen them before.”

The boy’s mother added, “As soon as I heard my son crying, I rushed out of the house and saw him bleeding profusely from his abdomen. I was beyond shock, and in distress seeing my son so badly hurt from those slash wounds. I took him to the nearest clinic in our locality. They had to give him 18 stitches.”

She continued, “This is a retaliatory attack against my son by the locals. My son bravely testified as the sole witness against a local man from our neighborhood, who attempted to rape a Chin refugee girl in November last year. Local community leaders and the man’s relatives threatened my son and the girl’s family, warning us not to take the case to the authorities, but the matter had to be reported to the police to stop similar incidents from happening again. My son and I felt good that he bravely stood up to those threats, but at the same time we were also very concerned about our family’s safety. We have talked to UNHCR and its implementing partners many times about our fear of being harmed in retaliation by the local community. My worst fear has been confirmed now. We have never felt safe in India but this incident has worsened our fear.”

A Chin refugee community leader who has been helping the 10 year-old boy’s family told CHRO, “None of us feel safe in New Delhi because of discrimination from the locals.”

The mother of the 10-year-old victim reported the incident to UNHCR implementing partner the Social Legal Information Center (SLIC) on 7 June 2014.  The SLIC officers told her that they will request the police to provide her family security, and that they will try to find out about the culprits.#

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