April 13, 2021

In pictures: CND celebrations inside and outside of Burma 2014

20 February 2014: A selection of designs and photos displaying celebrations of Chin National Day organized by Chin communities inside Burma and abroad. (Photos: Salai Bingbir Hlawnceu/Delhi Chin Youth Forum, Mang/We are One in Chin, The Chinland Post, Chinland Today Media, Khumi Media Group, Tonxing/Phualva Times, Faiceu Media Group, KS/We are One in Chin, Sang Bawi, Salai Collintin Cinzah, We are One in Chin/Facebook, Mung Khat, Rual Lian Thang, Salai Lairamthang, Chin Human Rights Organization, Salai Thawng Hlaing Lung, Morris, Sungsung, Tahan Times, Pa Tlanh & Van Hmun Ceu)#

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