April 13, 2021
Chin News

Another Chin athlete excluded for SEA Games

12 December 2013: Siam Za Khai, who had been selected to compete in Taekwondo, was excluded from contesting in the 27th SEA Games in Burma.

Although he had been nomited and already listed for the games, he was deselected for no obvious reason last month.

Mr. Mung, an uncle of Siam Za Khai, told the Chinland Guardian that his nephew had been trained extensively and sent to the Republic of Korea and to Thailand in preparation for this SEA Games.

He added: “He [nephew] was already listed and was ready and eager to contest in the Taekwondo matches in the games. But he was sent home, is still disappointed and downhearted, even now.”

He also said that his nephew had not been informed of the reason he was put off the list all of a sudden, complaining: “There are a lot of unfair and undue discrimination issues still in our so-called democratic country.”

Siam Za Khai, aka Khaiboih, had won three silver medals in Taekwondo competitions held in Indonesia, the Republic of Korea and Thailand in September this year.

Also, as just reported, two Chin athletes have said that they were not satisfied with the selection process of their teams in women’s boxing and men’s wrestling just days ahead of the SEA Games hosted by Burma.#

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