April 14, 2021
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Updates on day three of Chin National Conference 2013

14 November 2013: The third day of the Chin National Conference taking place in Hakha, Chin State commenced at 9am and ended around 5pm today.

In the morning session, groups continued their separate discussions on ten different topics and prepared for making presentations on the outcomes to the conference in the afternoon session.

One of the participants from Hakha said that each group took it seriously, and came up with solutions and concerns facing the people, adding: “It impressed me that people from different places sit together, talk together and work together to find something common for all of us.”

Each group presented their views and results of the consultation to the conference, which further discussed the issues in the afternoon session.

The third day came to a close with preparations to find ways in which a common position can be achieved at the end of the final day tomorrow.

Day four programme in brief

The conference will continue its discussion where the participants would exchange ideas and views, and contribute toward forming a common ground, strategy and mechanism.

In the afternoon, points of agreement reached and endorsed by the conference will be finalized, and publicly announced.

The event will come to a final end with a closing speech by Chairperson Dr. Za Hlei Thang.#

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