April 13, 2021

Kut celebrated in London

27 August 2013: Kut, a traditional harvest festival of the Chin-Kuki-Mizo-Zomi community was held in London, UK last Sunday.

Over 60 people from different parts of the UK including Scotland and from the Republic of Ireland attended the event.

The festival, mostly held in October of the modern calendar, is traditionally celebrated after the harvest of cultivation including maize, paddy and other main crops.

Revd Canon David T Haokip, organizer of the Kut celebration, said in his opening short speech: “It [Kut] is a symbol of unity in diversity among our people.”

Kut is a cultural festival that is celebrated by the ethnic ‘Chin-Kuki-Mizo’ people who are in present-day Northwest Burma, Northeast India and the Chittagong Hills in Bangladesh, according to Dr. Seilen Haokip.

Dr. Bianca Mang Khan Cing Suantak and L. Lam Khan Piang said in their article: “It is essential for our unity, for respecting our ancestors, and for demonstrating our shared culture and belief systems.”

In her presentation at the event, Dr. Bianca highlighted the fact that the festival brought people from different communities together as a family.

The festival is also known in various names as Khuado in Tedim and Tonzang, Fanger in Falam, K’Thai Ei in Mindat and Kanpetlet, On Hu Saung Thar Ei Pwe in Asho, Taai Cha Nai in Paletwa, Cang Zom in Matupi, Khai Mdeh in Dai, Kut or Chavang Kut in Thado, Kuki and Mizo, Ku in Mara, and Tho in Hakha.

The London celebration was the 15th anniversary of Kut festival organized by the Kut Committee in the UK.

In Burma, local communities are in preparation for holding their harvest festival in the month of October. #

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