April 13, 2021

Chin Youth Football Final: FCCI v CEBC

12 June 2009: The football match being played among the Chin youths based in Indianapolis of Indiana State, USA has come into its final where the champion hopefuls FCCI (Falam Christian Church of Indianapolis) and CEBC (Chin Evangelical Baptist Church) are set to meet on 14 June, 2009.

FCCI has now got through to the final after beating ICBC (Indiana Chin Baptist Church) in a 3-2 semi-final last Sunday on 7 June, according to Chinlandtoday.info. One FCCI player commented on the victory, saying: “Even though we are just more than one-year-old team, we could win the matches against other bigger teams, only because of great efforts and unity among our players.”

The ongoing match, organised by Indiana Chin Youth Christian Fellowship (ICYCF), has received an increasing number of fans and supporters since its first kick-off on 3 May, 2009. The matches have since then been held at weekends.

With aims of promoting unity and understanding among the Chin youths in the community, the tournament has got three church-based groups: Group A of ZCFI (Tedim), CCC (Hakha), BCI (Falam) and NAMCC (Matu); Group B of FCCI (Falam), ICBC (Hakha), ZCC (Zophei), and IMCF (Mizo); and Group C of CAC (Hakha-Thantlang), LCC (Matu) and CEBC (Hakha-Thantlang).

One of the most favourite sports in Chin State, football has acquired its place in the Chin community as one of the most widely played social activities.

Indianapolis, the capital of the US state of Indiana, has currently got nearly 4,000 Chins, making it a city with the highest number of Chin people living in the US.

Football was introduced to Burma in 1878 by James George Scott, a Scottish journalist and colonial administrator who helped establish British colonial rule in Burma. The first organised football match ever played in Burma was held at St John’s College in Rangoon around 1879.

Van Biak Thang


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