April 11, 2021

CYO To Hold 5th Conference In The US

Chin Youth Organisation of North America (CYO) is in full preparation for its upcoming 5th conference to be held in Indianapolis, US on 3-4 July 2009.


The biennial conference, expected to be attended by an estimated 1,500 youths from Canada and the US, will review its existing constitutions in regard to its future movement and will conduct an election for new Central Executive Committee.
Salai Lairamthang, President of Chin Youth Organization told Chinland Guardian about the upcoming conference: “It has been getting bigger and better year by year. This year round, as we have quite a lot of Chin youths arriving from Malaysia, India and Thailand, we expect the conference will be the most magnificent one with the biggest attendance.”
“One of our key issues in the programme is to have a discussion on what and how we can work together for our people and country in the future. We hope that CYO will, in the future, be able to organise a seminar where not only the youths but also the Chin people around the world can come together.”
In addition to a discussion on how to promote unity, understanding and cooperation among the Chin youths in the future, the programmes at a two-day symposium will consist of a series of competitions, mainly focusing on the Chin cultures and literature, including writing essays, composing poems, fashion and talent shows, beauty contest, drawing, speaking and singing.
The much-anticipated July conference will also host a variety of sports and games such as football (soccer), volley ball, tennis, sprint, high jump, and rope pulling (tug war).
The conference is programmed to have a ‘Live Concert’ as its closing ceremony on the last night with talented Chin singers from Burma, the US and Canada. A session of presenting prizes and paying tributes to best singers, composers, songs, albums, and producers will take place at the end of the conference.
Key speakers invited as special guests to the conference are Chairman of Chin National Council, Dr. Lianhmung Sakhong, Chairman of Chin National Front, Pu Zing Cung, Honorary Pastor of Indiana Chin Baptist Church Rev. Dr. Stephen Hre Kio, Former President of Chin Freedom Coalition, Pu Zo Tum Hmung and Hakha MP, Pu Lian UK.
Established in 2001, CYO is an incorporated body currently with 7 regional areas, namely Washington DC, Indianapolis, Texas, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky, New York and Canada, with Florida and California as new entities to be formed soon. 
By Van Biak Thang
21 May, 2009

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