April 14, 2021

Resistance Day Commemorated In London

About 70 people last Friday braved cold and windy weather to commemorate the Resistance Day in front of Burmese Embassy in London. The event, organised by Burma Democratic Concern (BDC), called for rejecting the regime’s planned 2010 election and for working toward the realisation of 1990 election result.


The participants wearing Burmese farmer’s hat, better known as ‘kha mauk’, which is a recognised NLD symbol, held posters and placards with some reading ‘Allow 1990 election result’, and shouted slogans including ‘Free all political prisoners’, ‘Stop junta’s 2010 election plan’. Photos of some political prisoners including Aung San Suu Kyi were displayed.
Chairman of NLD (LA – UK Branch), Dr. Win Naing, told Chinland Guardian: “We are doing a demonstration in front of Burmese Embassy for the commemoration of the Resistance Day, which happened in Burma years ago. We were fighting against our enemy but now we are fighting against our own people who have been ruling us since 1962. That is why we are coming to show our solidarity and unity for our second independence.”
The Burmese Embassy was closed on the day with a small placard hanging on its door that read ‘Armed Forces Day (Myanmar Holiday)’.
Zin Zin Myo Thant of Burma Democratic Concern said: “Than Shwe is in the process of erasing the election results of 1990 with his corrupt 2010 election. Burmese people want the 1990 election results honoured. People power and non-violent movement can topple the dictators, abolish apartheid system and liberate colonial rules,” as she urged the patriotic soldiers to free themselves from being the stooges of corrupt generals and work together with the people to abolish military dictatorship to establish a prosperous, peaceful and progressive Burma.
The commemorative demonstration began with paying respect to those who gave their lives in the struggle of freedom and democracy for the country.
Chin pastor and activist, Rev. Shewkey Hoipang, said: “Burma is a country of an ethnic melting pot. If there is no ethnic political solution, there can not be a genuine political solution in the country. Therefore, ethnic political parties should be included in the process of democratisation. We have had a free and fair election in 1990 with all the ethnic parties. So, we don’t need another election in 2010. The regime must recognise the 1990 election.”
The event had other key speakers from Burma Campaign UK, Burmese Muslim Association, Burma Rohingya Association, U2V, 88 Generation Students and a diplomat in exile, U Khin Maung Kyi.

Van Biak Thang
30 March, 2009

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