April 13, 2021

Chin Christians Condemn Crackdown On Orphanages In Rangoon

Chin Christians across the world condemn a series of brutal crackdowns on orphanages and child care centres in Rangoon by Burma’s military junta. About 50 Chin orphanages have been shut down on 6 March, 2009, according to Khonumthung News.


Sources claimed that there are no clear reasons given in the letter issued by the military regime in regard to the closures of the orphanages and child care centres in the former capital of Burma.
“We heard that all of the orphanages in Rangoon are given a letter of order to shut down by the authorities. According to what happens now, we assume that those orphanage schools that are suspected of receiving donations and funding from abroad are mostly targeted,” founder of one of the Chin orphanages, whose name can not be revealed due to security reasons, told Chinland Guardian.
“We have serious trouble finding safe places and relocating our children. We are ordered to send them back to where they had come from. Pray for us and the children. They don’t have any other places to go,” added the founder.
The military regime reportedly accused these Christian institutions of their involvement in helping and taking care of the children victims of Nargis Cyclone, receiving fund from foreign sources and not having official registration, according to unconfirmed sources..
Another founder of one of the orphanages said: “The local authorities with three policemen came without any warning, checked my house at 11:45pm and told everyone, even our children, to stand up from their sleep. We were told that all the children would be sent back in a week to their respective places.” The local authorities actually came and checked the house after a week, he added.
Chin pastor and activist based in the UK, Rev. Shwekey Hoipang said: “This is a carefully-planned strategy of the military regime to stop Christian growth in Burma. We can see it from looking at the recent crackdowns on churches in December 2008, Bible colleges in February, and orphanages in March 2009.”
Chin churches, communities and individuals pray for the Christian victims, calling for an end to religious persecution and oppression in Burma. 
Van Biak Thang
15 March, 2009

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