April 13, 2021

Internet Users In Hakha Scrutinised By Authorities

The local authorities in Hakha, Chin State imposed new orders on Internet users, asking for their personal details and activities on the Internet, sources revealed.


The move came after the authorities had reportedly learned that a political letter was circulated by email. The new rule is seen as a local SPDC’s warning to the Internet users not to read and visit any anti-SPDC websites.
One of the Internet Cafe owners said: “We are told to get all the users to fill up the form on a daily basis, which is given to us by the authority. The users have got to write down what they do in details.”
Recently, some local editors were allegedly interrogated and warned by the police following anti-SPDC letters distributed on the web. An unnamed local editor quoted the police as saying: “Previously, we thought that the letters were sent by those in foreign countries. Now that they are sent at least once a fortnight, it could be someone like you who can write.”
Van Biak Thang
03 March, 2009

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