April 20, 2021

GTI College Opened In Hakha, Chin State

Government Technological Institute (GTI) was opened in Hakha, the capital of Chin State, on 15 December 2008, about 3 km away from the town.

The college offers five major subjects in Civil Engineering, Electronic Power, Electronic Communication, Mechanical Power and Computer Numerical Control.
“We are running only a two-year diploma in five subjects for the time being but we hope that the college will be able to offer a bachelor degree in Technology and Engineering in the future,” said one of the college’s staff.
A student who passed the Tenth Standard [matriculation] with 320 marks or above will be accepted. The college fee is 3,000 Kyats per one academic year.
The college has so far got a total of 37 students from Hakha, Thantlang, Falam, Mindat, Tedim and Tonzang townships.
With no transport facilities provided, some students walk to college for nearly 2 miles every day. One student from Hakha said it is good to have a college in our State [Chin State] but it’s not easy for those students like me, having no bikes or motorbikes, to go on foot to college.
U Phu Tin, assistant lecturer in charge, said the college will arrange a ‘College Bus’ in February 2009. “We don’t know if that will happen. But we realise that most of the students find it difficult to walk to and from the college every day,” said one of the college’s staff.
Sources revealed that the authorities had confiscated, with no compensation, the building plots of land from one of the pastors in Hakha. 
Van Biak Thang
03 February, 2009

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