April 20, 2021

Indianapolis Chin Community Enjoyed Freedom Music Night

Indianapolis, USA: Last night, the Chin community of Indianapolis enjoyed “Freedom Music Night” where several talented Chin singers performed at political awareness and fund raising event organized by the Chin National Front (CNF) North America Regional Committee to benefit children of Chin freedom fighters.

The event was attended by Mr. Zing Cung, Vice Chairman of CNF and Mr. Lian Uk, an exile elected MP during the 1990 general election in Burma from Chin state capital Hakha who is now living in Washington DC.
“We had a very good turnout last night that about a thousand people came to listen to speeches delivered by our leaders and enjoyed beautiful musics,” said Salai Thla Hei, North America Regional Committee Chairman of Chin National Front.
“There are many more people who wanted to participate at the event but could not make it due to their work schedule. Many people sent us checks even though they could not come to the event in person, in support of the children of freedom fighters (CNF).”
Salai Daniel Sakhong, Chairman of Chin Community in Indianapolis, said: “The event was a success that there are about 3000 Chins living in Indianapolis and last night was one of the biggest events we ever had here.”
According to the CNF website, the Chin National Front is an armed political organization working to restore self determination for the Chin people.
09 November, 2008

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