April 18, 2021

Cin Sian Thang May Remain In Hospital For One More Week

Two days after his taxi was run over by a military truck, Pu Cin Sian Thang, a Chin prominent politician and an elected member of Parliamentarian during the 1990 general election in Burma from Zomi National Congress (ZNC) is still in Rangoon hospital.

Cin Sian Thang was rushed to hospital after a taxi transporting him was run over by an army truck on May 10, 2008 the day when the military junta was holding referendum on their draft constitution.
“His condition is improving despite the fact that he has four broken bones and a slight lung injury. He is in stable condition but a little bit difficult for him to breath due to his internal (lung) injury,” said Chinland Guardian’s source who visited Pu Cin Sian Thang at his hospital bed of Room No. 9-10, Rangoon hospital yesterday.
When the news about the accident of Pu Cin Sian Thang spread out, speculation and rumors loomed among the Chin community that the incident might be an assassination attempt from the Burmese military junta given that he is one of the most outspoken politicians criticizing the military junta’s abuse of power in the country.
However, Pu Cin Sian Thang brushed off the rumors by saying, “it was not an assassination attempt or anything like that. It was just an unfortunate event happening to me”.
The MP continued from his hospital bed, “The SPDC official, a Major came to me and apologized for the incident, and he assured to me that the SPDC will cover all the medical bills.”
When asked if there is any message he would like to convey to the Chin people and his supporters, he said, “I am OK. I will not die of this injury.”
He is expected to be released from the hospital on May 17.
12 May, 2008

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