April 14, 2021

The Biggest Anti-Junta Protest Continued Amid Warnings

The biggest anti-junta protest ever since the student-led 1988 uprising continued in Yangon amid warnings and threats of clampdown from the military government. The escalating yet peaceful demonstration led by the Buddhist monks was joined by supporters including university students and local people as well as Buddhist nuns.

“We start gathering near the East gate of Shwedagon Pagoda around 12 noon and walk hand-in-hand along the Buddist monks all the way to Sule Pagoda. People come out of their windows and doors clapping their hands in support,” said a Chin university student.
Protesters carried flags, banners and posters with some slogans such as ‘Reduce all prices’, ‘National Reconciliation’ , and ‘Release Political Prisoners’. “The sound of clapping goes louder when people see NLD flag near Sule Pagoda,” said one local participant.
An NLD member who addressed the crowd at Sule Pagoda said that the protests would continue and even get stronger if the military government do not hear our voices and are not willing to discuss the demands by 27 September.
“Standing with a handheld loudspeaker, one Buddhist monk said, ‘There are four religions in Myanmar and it is the very time we all stand together,’ as he sends a message of invitation to all religions in the country,” a Chin demonstrator, whose name was not revealed for security reasons told Chinland Guardian.
Many Christian churches and organisations worldwide held prayers in support of the protests.
Thousands of Buddhist monks in a pair of five flanked by supporters with holding hands defied the junta’s warnings on Tuesday as they chanted a prayer.
The military government has not used forces till today to stop the ongoing demonstrations apart from imposing a night curfew which bans a gathering of more than five people.
The current anti-junta protest started on 19 August following hiking fuel prices by the military government in Myanmar , one of the poorest countries in Asia .

Van Biak Thang
25 September, 2007
London, UK

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