April 18, 2021

Chin Christians Join Buddhist Monks in Anti Junta Protest

As the anti junta protest led by Buddhist monks in Burma is spreading out like a wild fire in the whole country, Chin Christians around the world joined the protesters by observing September 23 as a day of prayer for positive change in Burma .
On September 21, the Chin Baptist Fellowship of America (CBFA) the biggest Chin Christian organization outside of the country released a statement calling for all Chin Christians around the world to observe September 23, as a day of prayer for change in Burma .
“There are various groups and organizations working by various means to restore democracy and human rights in Burma . But this is the time for us to raise our voices in supports of our fellow citizen in Burma ” said one of the senior pastors of CBFA in the statement.
The Chin National Council (CNC) an umbrella Chin political organization composed with four Chin political parties and several civil society organizations including Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) and Women League of Chinland (WLC) also endorse the protest led by Buddhist monks against State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) and urged all Chins around the world to join in.
The calls was well responded both inside and outside of the country.
According to Pastor M in Rangoon , who prefers to remain anonymous, various Chin Churches regardless of different denomination responded the calls for positive change in the country and held prayer service. Hundreds of Chin students and youngsters walked along with the Buddhist monks in the street of Rangoon in supports of the protest.
“In fact we have been praying all the time for change in the country. But this time, it is something different because the protest is led by the Buddhist monks and the (army) Generals seems to be very reluctant or confuse to take actions against the monks” said the pastor.
“There is no time for just sitting idle and watch the Burmese Buddhist monks protesting against the Burmese Generals. This is not just about the Burmese Buddhist monks and the Burmese Generals. This is concern with all citizen of the union of Burma no matter what ethnic or religious background you belongs to. Show your solidarity, support and join in when the people are calling for change” said Victor Biak Lian of Chin Human Rights Organization.
Back in the capital of Chin state town of Haka , about a hundred locals held anti junta protest after the SPDC announces gas price hike. But the authority warned and closely watched the protesters making them insecure. However, in churches across Chin state, the people sing songs for peace, and pray for change.
The Chin Christians around the world are praying for a new government to emerge in Burma , the government that will not persecute them for their ethnic, religious background and political affiliation.
Chinland Guardian

24 September 2007
Ottawa, Canada

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