April 13, 2021

The Biggest Chin Christian Organization Urges Worldwide Chin Community To Support Buddhist Monks In Prayer

The Chin Baptist Fellowship of America (CBFA) the biggest Chin Christian organization outside of the country make an announcement today from Washington DC urging worldwide Chin Christians community to hold prayer service in support of Burmese Buddhist monks who have been protesting in various town of Burma against the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) since August.
The Executive Minister of the CBFA Rev. Dr. C. Duh Kam in the statement urged all Chin Christians around the world to observe September 23, 2007 for the day of prayer for positive change in Burma.
“Poverty and humanitarian crisis in our homeland is due to political chaos and human rights abuse by the military government. There are various groups working by various means for positive change in Burma . Now is the time for us to raise our voice in solidarity with our fellow countrymen who have suffered untold poverty due to the SPDC’s mismanagement” said the statement.
“This is a very encouraging voice because most Chin listen when the Pastors speak up, the CBFA is doing the right thing in this crucial time” said Victor Sang of Chin Human Rights Organization reflecting the influence of Chin Christians pastors and religious leaders among predominantly Christian Chin society.
“Only God knows what we are doing is right or wrong. But the voices of the monks are the voices of the people. If you look at the history of Burma , Buddhist monks play important role since king Anawratha who built the first Burmese kingdom” said Rev. Dr. C. Duh Kam.
Chin Baptist Fellowship of America (www.cbfamerica. org) is composed of several Chin churches in USA and Canada. CBFA has good connections with Chin Churches from Europe , Australia and Asia , and is the biggest Chin Christian organization outside of the country. Thousand of Chins come to North America as refugees due to human rights violations in their homeland. And religious persecution is one of the major concerns among predominantly Christian Chins.

Ottawa, Canada
21 September, 2007

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