April 11, 2021
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Govt employees extorted money from civilians in Chin State

09 February 2013: Chin victims, who are forcibly demanded money, said the culture of corruption is still being practiced by government employees in Chin State.

Two staff members from the Department of Fire Services in Mindat exacted money from local grocery stores on a number of occasions, according to reports.

Salai Hung Tun Gei said in the Chin World Media that Pu Law Ling and Pu Hung Thang together with Pu Thang Naing had collected more than 110,000 kyats from different stores.

The shop-owners said they were told that the money would be used for transportation cost of a new fire engine provided for Mindat town by the central government of Burma.

It is claimed that the shop-owners complained about the situation but no proper action has been taken against the perpetrators till this date.

Late last month, a Thantlang police officer U Win Than demanded a total amount of 200,000 kyats from two teenage boys who were caught riding an ‘unregistered’ motorcycle.

“He [policeman] ordered two other locals to make a photocopy of their valid licences. He made a fake licence and released the two teenagers after taking money,” said a witness from Thantlang.

In another incident taking place on 31 January, U Aung Min, commander of Thantlang Police Station, forcibly demanded 17,000 kyats from Pu Za Kio, an uncle of one of the teenagers.

During a meeting held at the Hakha Town Hall last Tuesday, Chief Minister of Chin State government Pu Hung Ngai warned government employees and newly elected village administrators against corruption.

Pu Hung Ngai was quoted by the Chinland Post as saying: “The new government is different from the previous ones. Necessary punishment will be taken if anyone of you is found corrupt in your handling of work.”

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang
[email protected]

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