April 14, 2021
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Hakha youths united to stand as one body

06 February 2013: Four different youth groups in Hakha town, Chin State came together at a meeting last Saturday, forming a new body called ‘Chin Youth Organization (CYO)’.

Leaders of the local organizations such as Hakha Youth Organization, Vazun, Hero and Toe agreed to amalgamate, with the termination of each individual group.

One of the newly elected leaders of CYO said activities of all the groups would now become one and more efforts would be made collectively under the leadership of CYO.

Salai Van Chan Ceu, President of CYO, told the Hakha Post: “I believe CYO will be able to work hand in hand with youth groups from other townships and places to make more efforts and benefits to the people.”

The new youth organization has not disclosed how it will cooperate with other local organizations having youth members such as Chin Women Organization and youth departments of churches in Hakha.

In recent month, Rangoon-based Chin Youth Forum (CYF) had organized a series of meetings in Chin State, Sagaing, Pegu and Magway regions in an attempt to raise issues facing Chin youths in the country.

Salai Thang, one of CYO members, said CYO in Hakha is not related to CYO in North America, which was formed in 2001, although he indicates a possibility in the future.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang
[email protected]

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