April 17, 2021
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One-year-old Chin boy died from drowning in Rangoon

09 January 2013: Ai Sai Lin, a one-year-old son of Chin parents, Ai Cheng Pi and Awi Zin Mar Aung, died on the way to hospital after drowning in a water container this morning in Rangoon.

The incident happened around noontime in the house of Rev. Hawi Bi, pastor of Myanmar Lutheran Church in Shwepyithar, where Ai Sai Lin and his mother are temporarily staying.

Rev. Hawi Bi said the child breathed his last when he was taken to Shwepyithar General Hospital.

“Once we found out that he was drowning, we immediately rushed him to the nearest hospital,” added the Chin Christian pastor.

Ai Cheng Pi, Ai Sai Lin’s father, originally from Paletwa Township of Chin State, is currently in Malaysia.

The body of Ai Sai Lin will be kept at home over night and a funeral service will take place at a Christian cemetery in Shwepyithar tomorrow.

Ms Tha Chin, a community health worker, told Chinland Guardian the incident highlights the need of ‘First Aid’ skills and materials among the people not only in the cities but in villages across Chin State.

Also, it is important, added Tha Chin, that parents and families get childcare knowledge and skills.

“In our communities, some saveable lives are lost due to lack of life-saving knowledge, skills and facilities. Parental or family childcare knowledge is still in dire need for our community,” continued the Chin health worker.

“However, even if we know this, the question is how we could afford to have some facilities to do so since we are struggling for our daily survival.”

Reporting by Peter Lawilu with Thawng Zel Thang
[email protected]

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