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Chin, Mizo singers to wow refugees in Malaysia

02 January 2013: A band of talented singers from Burma and Mizoram State of India are set to entertain Chin refugees in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 12-13 January 2013.

The first major event organized by Chin refugees in 2013 entitled Chin iDol 2013 will take place at Chin Woo Stadium, with famous artists Sung Tin Par, Thun Kham, Solomon Menrihai, Cung Lian Thawng, Van Siang Mang, Herh Lian, Hniang Ceu Ling and Mami Varte.

The singers will not only perform new songs for their fans but also sit on the panel to judge the singing contest of ‘Chin iDol 2013’ among refugee communities in Malaysia.

Talking about the purpose of the event, Prince TK McRyan, Director of the Chin Celebrity & Music Entertainment, told Chinland Guardian: “There are many talented young Chins in our society but they don’t have a chance. We hope this event will create a platform for them.”

A total of 25 contestants comprising 8 females and 17 males from Chin refugee communities will participate in the singing competition in front of a judging panel of four from the invited artists.

The best five contestants selected from the first day of competitions by the judges will go through to the next session on the second day where the final winner of Chin iDol 2013 will be chosen.

“We know that our talented young stars have difficulties financially. Through this program, we aim to make new talents visible to the public and to produce an album of the Chin iDol winner in 2013,” said the Chin Director.

The event, organized and sponsored by the Chin Celebrity & Music Entertainment, will also feature a talent show competition and other programs including fashion shows in different Chin traditional costumes.

Both final winners of singing and talent show competitions will be awarded at the end of the event, according to the organizing committee.

Three types of tickets are available for purchase with prices ranging from 50 Ringgits for standard fares, 100 for VIP and 200 for first class.

“We are so thankful to Chin communities, churches as well as individuals, and our ethnic brothers and sisters for their support and collaboration. We hope that they will enjoy the gig,” said Prince TK McRyan.

Salai Van Biak Mang, a member of the organizing committee, said the concert would bring Chins from various communities together through songs and music despite their differences in dialects.

More than 2,000 people are expected to attend the event, the first of its kind held by and among Chin refugee communities in Malaysia.

Chin talented singer Dawt Hlei Hniang, now based in Australia, will not be able to join the concert due to ‘personal reasons’.

Singers from Burma are known to be waiting for the results of their visa applications from the Malaysian embassy in Rangoon, former capital of Burma.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang
[email protected]

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