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CNF-Govt Peace Talks Extended for One Day in Rangoon

08 December 2012: The peace negotiation meeting between the Chin National Front (CNF) and Burma’s government, which was originally set to end today, will continue tomorrow following further discussions required for the agenda.

Sources from CNF said that both parties unanimously agreed with an extension of the peace talks into another day as certain matters on the table need detailed discussions, which can take more time.

Dr. Sui Khar, CNF’s spokesperson, said: “We need more time to look at some points involving military issues step by step and to discuss others in more details so that we all are crystal clear about the matters.”

For the second Union-level peace talks with representatives of Burma’s government, the Chin National Front put forward a proposal of 31 main points to discuss on the agenda table.

As of today, the discussion has been going smoothly and the two parties have reached up to 21 main points of the CNF, a source close to CNF told Chinland Guardian.

U Aung Min, leader of Union-level peace committee of Burma’s government, said of the need for establishing self-determination and federal system for ethnic nationalities in an effort to bring genuine peace into Burma.

He also stressed that the constitution would be properly reviewed if the political process for achieving a permanent peace and stability in the country is to be conducted in line with the Panglong agreement.

During the negotiation today, members of the CNF peace delegation were said to have a separate discussion twice among themselves over certain matters outside of the meeting.

“It is very impressive to see members of both parties having respect to each other during the talks. If there is some serious issue coming up, all members of CNF would take time on their own to make collective decisions,” said a Chin reporter based in Rangoon.

Other important items on the agenda being discussed included an outline framework for conducting political dialogue in a broader level, and issues related to a demarcation line and transformation of one single military armed force in the country.

It is said that members of the Chin National Party (CNP) and the Chin Progressive Party (CPP) were also present as observers at the two-day negotiation meeting.

“Quite a lot of people from Chin communities in Rangoon turned up to the venue, just waiting outside the building to show their support for CNF and the whole peace process,” added the Chin reporter.

The third day of the second Union-level CNF-Government peace talks will begin in the hall of Myanmar Peace Centre at 9am in the morning tomorrow.

Van Biak Thang
[email protected]

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