April 11, 2021
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Youths to Raise Wider Awareness about Chin Issues

23 October 2012: A team of Chin youth volunteers are making an effort to reach out to the local people by organizing seminars at grass-roots level as part of their programmes to raise awareness about issues related mainly to youths.

The Chin Youth Forum (CYF) is set to hold a series of meetings with local Chin communities in Paletwa of Chin State, and other towns in Magway, Pegu and Sagaing regions in the near future in attempts to understand more about their concerns.

Peter Lu, Editor of the Khumi Media Group (KMG), told Chinland Guardian: “We are pleased that CYF extended their decision yesterday to make another seminar in Paletwa town. KMG is now liaising with local communities to confirm the date and venue of the event.”

The CYF also said that fund will be made available for about 80 youths from both Paletwa Township and Sami Sub-township of Chin State to attend the two-day seminar to be held in Paletwa ahead of Myanmar Youth Forum meeting.

Well aware of difficulties in communication and transportation in Paletwa Township, CYF came to a conclusion to get funds to make a wider participation including Chins from Rakhine Station to take part in the discussions, according to KMG news.

The results of the discussions from various seminars among Chin communities will be presented to the nationwide youth meeting by Myanmar Youth Forum, which is scheduled to happen on 12 December this year, according to the Chin World Media.

It is expected that the CYF seminars will take place in the third week of next month, November.

Meanwhile, the Chin Literature and Culture Committee (CLCC) of Rangoon Universities took responsibilities in organizing a series of seminars on Chin history, Identity and Culture in Rangoon this month.

Founded in Rangoon by a group of Chin youth volunteers on 23 Septmber 2012, the Chin Youth Forum (CYF) aims to create network for Chin youths and to make a wider awareness-raising about their rights and issues.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang
[email protected]

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