April 13, 2021
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Chin Man Killed His Sister in Paletwa Township

11 August 2012: Pu Thein Kyaw, 28, from Tuilum village of Paletwa Township, Chin State, killed his 22-year-old sister, Pi Kam Deng, around 10pm at night last Friday.

The married Chin man committed fratricide while his divorced sister was sleeping in the house of Pu Angka Eaung, a family’s friend in the village.

“No one exactly knows the problem behind this killing. But we heard that he [Thein Kyaw] was so angry at the time of the incident. People said he did it out of anger,” said a Christian pastor from the village.

The Chin pastor also said Pu Thein Kyaw was not under the influence of any alcoholic drinks.

A reporter of the Khumi Media Group told Chinland Guardian that the killer surrendered himself to the police when he realized he had made mistakes and is being held in custody in Paletwa town.

When asked about motivation behind the killing possibly related to Kam Deng’s sleeping at the house of a family’s friend, the Chin reporter said it is a traditional practice that a lady sleeps with her other friends in one house.

“Chin ladies in our culture do not sleep at their own home but in one house with their friends. Some still practice this tradition. Therefore, it is nothing to do with the recent murder,” added the Khumi-Chin reporter.

A funeral service for Pi Kam Deng, who recently broke up with her husband, was last Sunday held in Tuilum village, about 12 miles west from Paletwa town.

Last Thursday, a group of five including U Ba Saw of Paletwa Police Station, Lieutenant Lay Aung Nan Pa and two nurses from Paletwa General Hospital, arrived in the village to conduct an investigation.

Reporting by Peter Lu with Thawng Zel Thang
[email protected]

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