April 14, 2021
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State Govt Stopped Civic Education Training in Hakha

22 March 2012: A training on ‘Civic Education for Civil Society’ provided in Hakha by NGO Myanmar Egress has been ordered to discontinue by the government of Chin State.

Secretary of the Chin State government verbally told the organizers to stop the training after accusing them of ‘not obtaining an official permission to hold the event, according to a Chin MP.  The program was scheduled for 19-23 March.

One of the training participants told Chinland Guardian: “We are very much disappointed as the training suddenly came to an end, which was otherwise very informative and eye-opening.”

The training, which is held at the Zion Baptist Hall from 19 March 2012, covers various topics on civil society capacity development, including leadership and negotiation, communication and advocacy, political economy of the state, civil society and civic engagement and 2008 constitution.

Attended by more than 40 participants from members of various political parties including USDP, NUP, NLD, ENDP, CNP, as well as, local religious and social organizations, the training was facilitated by six trainers from the Myanmar Egress.

The Chin participant, whose name is kept anonymous, told Chinland Guardian: “People see this as yet another indication that things have not really changed.”

An appeal letter was sent to Chin State Chief Minister seeking to continue the training, but it was rejected on the basis that the Chin State government did not receive any instructions from the central government of Burma regarding the training.

The Myanmar Egress, founded in 2006 by Burmese scholars and social workers, is a non-profit organization “committed to promoting civil society organizations and to helping young people to prepare to face challenges of political deadlock in the country.”

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang
[email protected]

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