April 14, 2021
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Malaysian Media Give Burma Good Grade on Reforms

17 January 2012 – KUALA LUMPUR: For the first time, several newspaper columnists and writers in Malaysia give positive remarks on current political development in Burma.

English-language daily, The Star in one of its column on 15 January said momentum is building in Burma with new liberalising measure towards a brave new future.

In his commentary titled Myanmar edges towards its Holy Grail, writer Bunn Nagara said Burma’s continuing reform process will nudge it into a new era.

“Reform advocates like Thein Sein have raised the stakes by optimistically calling the current process irreversible,” he said while cautioning that hardline generals can still have their finger on the ‘Abort’ button.

Earlier on 12 January, Malay-language daily, Utusan Malaysia published an article titled When Rock and Pop become lively in Myanmar, which tries to relate the changing of popular music culture in Burma with the political situation in the country.

“Not many people ever imagined that the dying democracy will be revived with the changes brought by President Thein Sein, who himself is a former military commander.”

“The people of Burma have enjoyed unprecedented flexibility for the first time since the country was taken over by military rule in 1962,” said the writer.

The Writer, however, cautioned that more effort needs to be done by Thein Sein before Burma can stand as high as other more democratic neighbors in Southeast Asia.

“Although Naypyidaw has reached ceasefire agreement with several ethnic forces in Shan, Chin and Karen states, battles are still going on in Kachin state.”

Reporting by Thomas Chong

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