April 17, 2021
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Chin Christians Banned to Rent and Construct Buildings

15 August 2011: The local government authorities do not still allow Chin Christians to construct buildings and rent a house to live in as a family in Tayawaddy village of Sagaing Division.

However, it is reported that Chin Christian students studying at the Goverment Technological University can stay in a boarding apartment or in a rented house.

A Kalaymyo resident, who visited the village, told Chinland Guardian: “In Tayawaddy, construction of any Christian buildings is prohibited and Christian families can not rent a house to live. Only students attending the university can stay in a boarding house.”

There are about 400 Chins out of 1,070 students studying at the GTC in the academic year 2011.

In November 2008, all the construction materials purchased with a construction by the Chin students were removed by the local villagers under the direct order of U Ko Ko Latt, Chairman of Township Peace and Development Council.

Leaders of the University Christian Fellowship said permission to build a place for holding worship services by the students was eventually granted after a series of appeals made, adding: “At first, we were denied and told that it was not Chin State.”

But the building foundation and materials used were all removed and destroyed later.

Amid intimidation and threat, the Chin Christian students still hold worship services in the morning on Sundays in a makeshift church until today, according to the Kalaymyo resident.

Established as Government Technological Institute in December 1999, the university was upgraded to its current status in January 2007, with introduction of major subjects in Civil, Electrical Power, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineerings, and Computer Numerical Control.

Van Biak Thang
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