April 12, 2021
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Soldiers Accused of Dispensing Expired Medicines

29 June 2011: An elderly man came down with a serious case of diarrhea for three consecutive days after ingesting what is believed to be ‘expired’ medication provided for free by Burma Army medics from Kalay-based Light Infantry Batallion (87).

In a rare show of concern for public health, a group of six medics from Burma Army LIB (87), was touring villages in Kalay Township, Sagaing Division last week.

The army medics arrived in Than Pho Village on June 21, last Tuesday and opened a free mobile clinic out of the home of the village administrative head.

Among the 36 villagers seen by the medics was a 60 year-old local villager who was given 10 energy vitamin tablets. But soon after consuming the free medication, the elderly became sick with diarrhea that lasted for the next three days, according to one villager who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Villagers suspected the free medications were expired.

“I was given some tablets for headache but I decided not to take them because they looked all soaky and soft. I think the medication had passed the expiry date,” one villager explained.

“This is strange because the Burmese soldiers have never done this kind of free clinic before.”

Inhabitants of Than Pho, a small village in Kalay Township, are predominantly ethnic Chins.

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